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"Her art doesn’t come from nowhere....Ms. Chernichaw is very much the product of her family, her life, her times, her roots." (click to open pdf article)
- Joanne Palmer "Artist at work" Pauline Chernichaw of Englewood Cliffs talks about art, family history, and life. ; Jewish Standard, February 9, 2023

" In the acrylic painting “Free Fall,” Pauline Chernichaw of Englewood Cliffs applies that pink shade to a scene of greater drama. Hers is a picture of a slash-eyed body, probably that of a child, covered with weeping black lines like those on a shattered glass ornament. A hand reaches toward the subject of the painting, but there’s a sense that the falling baby is as irretrievable as a toy ball dropped down a shaft. Chernichaw’s painting — bold, inward, anxiety-ridden, elegantly realized but unrepentantly raw and, above all, painfully human — may be the show’s quintessential piece. "  
Tris McCall, Review of "Reemergence" at the 2022 New Jersey Arts Annual , the State Museum in Trenton; - 

"...all of the work orbits with admirable cohesion around the titular theme of women worldwide and their expansive struggles in a patriarchal society.... 
....“Ich bin geboren in einem Vertriebenen Lager (I was born in a Displaced Persons Camp)” by Pauline Chernichaw, which sets her own family photos amidst unsteady drips of deep red to evoke the bloodiness of her war-torn history....(it is a show that) Should not be missed."
Ilana Jael, musee magazine (2018)

"...the pathos of the image is irredeemable—as is the blemished imagery communicating the social distress."
You can read the rest of the review of my photograph, "NBC", that was in the "UGLY" Exhibition (Chelsea, NYC)

Jonathon Goodman, (2017)

"Pauline Chernichaw
renders the revelation of life’s experiences through her paintings."
- Chinedum Emelumba, (2013) 

"Pauline Chernichaw's calm, subtle photograph Fog At Allison Park, shows the calmer side of nature the artists often are drawn to. Its a romanticized thing to be outside in nature, creating because in that environment when the mind rests, a skilled artist wants to create that moment'. "

 - Bess Sobota, curator, regarding artwork creates "atmosphere" at Hoboken Gallery.

 “It’s good to see an artist with a real feel for color.”
 Alex Webb, Photographer 

"Pauline Chernichaw’s calm, subtle photograph Fog at Allison Park, show the calmer side of nature that artists are often drawn to. "

Summer Dawn Hortillosa; The Jersey Journal  (2012); 

"Drying off by Pauline Chernichaw, puts one in the midst of a gaggle of teen-agers at poolside, and the interplay of bodies stretching and still is an involving composition".
William Zimmer;  The New York Times 

"Narrowing 400 Entries Down to 29: A Fine Job of Selection... Pauline Chernichaw's Commodores, the one photograph in the group, is a mysterious color image of city youths that seem to have been rained on in the darkroom. 
- Vivien Raynor; The New York Times     

"New York - The
Empire State ; Though the theme is our state, most of the work in this cooperative's annual group show is city oriented. There are four photographers here who bear watching, ( .... ) and Pauline Chernichaw (color) have each developed a unique approach to catching the human flavor of public places."
- K. O’Reilly;  The Village Voice

"(referencing the work of) Pauline Chernichaw: The most mundane subject matter is transformed into luscious colorful scenes in these Cibachrome prints of an auto junkyard, ancient gas station pumps, a plywood barn door."
- F. McDarrah;  The Village Voice

"Another award went to Pauline Chernichaw for her photograph Adi, which shows a little girl with her head behind a flap of a canvas tent or awning.  It's a charming image that also makes a strong abstract design, playing on the electric red of the little girl's tights against the gray canvas facade."
- John Zeaman;  The Record            

"Chernichaw's literal use of color produces some remarkably brilliant pieces. Her works-slices of life-are highlighted by brilliant swatches of vivid hues. 
Woman with Towel, a photograph of two women relaxing against a red wall at the beach, is dominated by the richness of the wall compared to the women's dark brown skin and the bright white sand.
Adam's Apple and Untitled are two particularly appealing still lifes, featuring beautifully colored bulbs, flowers and fruit."
Mitchell Seidel;   The Star Ledger

"..... Pauline Chernichaw's Commodores deal(s) with the environment....Artist Chernichaw wanted to express her frustations with the recurring oil spills - especially in the Kill Van Kull - in her color photograph. Oil was used to burn the background of the slide, to reveal its damaging effect to the environment.  The result is brownish spots on the brightly colored photo of three young men."
- Reiko Matzuo;  The Gold Coast      (Pauline Chernichaw's work was featured on the front cover of the newspaper)

"An Interview with Pauline Chernichaw and the Affordable Fair ....." 
Sachi Fujimori;  The Record  June-2013


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